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Newcastle car Detailing Services

Polished Detailing is a family run and owned business, I have always had a passion for cars and a great eye for detail and this has led me into car detailing. Our service comes to you at home, work or even on the weekends by appointment. We are your total mobile car detailing solution in Newcastle, Maitland and Cessnock.

Great Experience
I have had 23 years experience maintaining my vehicles in immaculate condition and these have all been daily drivers doing 20 to 30 thousands kilometres each year.
My experience will enable you to receive good customer relation and ensure that you receive good treatment from the employees and the entire staff in the service store.
Over the years I have been able to educate myself with different products that are available in the industry and that are suitable for different cars and different customers taste and preference.

Quality Service
The variety of techniques that I have acquired will make your car shine by using only the highest quality products which are all friendly to your cars paintwork. We also only do hand washing or depending on the colour of your vehicle we use a foam lance to minimise paint scratching whilst in the wash process. This enhances your car to maintain its good quality for quite a while and helps you to be economical.

Polished detailing is fully insured to give you extra piece of mind that your vehicle is in safe expert hands. And if you are not happy with the job at the end of the clean we will stay and keep going to you are happy. You cannot compare a service like this to any shopping centre car wash, we are quality based not quantity.

We are what you need in car detailing and car cleaning company. You need you need a clean car? You have it clean wherever you are. We specialise in all car detailing both interior and exterior. We boast of the most sophisticated result-oriented car cleaning services. We are committed to restore your car’s sparkle.

Variety of quality and transformative
We have many car detailing options available to you from weekly or fortnightly maintaining services to high end two and three stage polishing depending on the condition of your paintwork. If you need your wheels sealed, we can do that as well we will actually take the wheels off your car, clean and then seal them for easy cleaning in the future.

Just as car detailing is the art of transforming the inside and outside of a vehicle into “new like” condition through thorough cleaning and finishing. Our objective is to transform your car back into the newest form so as to make you feel like you got a new car. We work on the restoration of your car’s paint job.

Here at Newcastle car detailing service hope to provide the best service ever and to go beyond your expectation of how your car will sparkle. We are enthusiastic about giving you the best customer service as we look up to you. Give us a shot and you will tell others to come and enjoy our pleasant and friendly services.

Our mobile car washing detail is well equipped to provide for both exterior and interior detailing. The exterior detail includes restoration of the outer surface of the car finishing, windows, wheels and tires. We use a variety of quality products including polish and wax to increase reflectivity and sleekness of the car. The interior detail includes cleaning of the interior cabin. We have variety of cleaning products for different parts inside the cabin like plastics, upholstery and vinyl. We also do vacuum cleaning.
Rest assured by choosing any one of our car detailing packages, the end result will be great value for money. We Guarantee It! We guarantee affordability for the best interest of your car.

Professional with good customer relationship.
Our team of staff have been trained and are experienced to ensure highest standards of professionalism to our clients. We assure our clients of 100% customer satisfaction and value for their money.
We use products recommended as environment t friendly with great thought to the environment and water use.

We ensure our customers acquire the best service that is satisfactory to their needs and their ultimate expectation. Rest assured by choosing any one of our car detailing packages, the end result will be great value for money. We Guarantee It!

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Our customers should be satisfied with their service and that the car is sparkling clean. Experience has taught us a lot about customer satisfaction and we are committed to our duty to satisfy you anywhere, anytime. We appreciate all the loyal customers in Newcastle and we look forward to doing better.

We are tasked to come to you and do the best service in Newcastle. We are mobile and can work from your workplace or home. We love what we do and do it to perfection. You need a perfectionist? Yes we are! We are equipped with variety of polishes, waxes and sealants to cater for all your car needs.

We are committed to providing the best service t the convenience of our time and money. We offer our services everyday of the week to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. As mentioned before we allow the customers who are not satisfied with the service to return for better service because we are reliable.
We are completely mobile covering Newcastle, Maitland and Cessnock areas and we will do it all in your drive or shed or even at your work place.
Customer service is essential in building a quality business and the team at Polished Detailing understand your needs and also your desired results, I am a perfectionist and will not stop until the job is done.

In conclusion, Newcastle car detailing may be new but my experience is exceptional and my personal cars are a reflection of my ability. I do not have any nice Ferraris to show just genuine cars with thousands of kilometres that still shine better than new.

Call Polished Detailing, your Newcastle mobile car detailing service now to receive grand opening specials.