Frequently Asked Question About Polished Detail

What sets Polished detail apart from other car detailers?

Non Franchise car detailers like Polished Detail car care have to build a business around the quality of our work not by a national brand name. So we depend heavily on our work to build a successful business.

This is no way a reflection on their services or quality and I will not make negative comments about other detailers.

Supermarket car washing services are cheaper?

Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. Our packages are all inclusive so there are no hidden charges or upsells. A full detail for us is what it says and we include an engine degrease.

These businesses also rely heavily on volume where polished detail is a completely mobile car detailing business based solely on quality. A large vehicle will take up to 7 hours so we certainly take pride in our car detailing.

Why Machine Polish?

Hand polishing will not give you the level of clarity in the paint it might add shine but it will not turn your car into a mirror. Also even without our paint correction service a machine polish will remove light swirling and oxidisation.

We only use professional Rupes polishers.

Why don’t you offer Permanent Paint Protection?

We offer a nano hydrophobic paint protection with our standard full details which can last up to 12 months as per the manufacturers specifications.

We can install a high quality semi permanent paint protection that will see up to 2 years worth of protection against lime. Be clear this is not a permanent solution and we certainly do  not make false claims by saying it is. A full paint correction is required for this service though.

I personally believe that paint protection is a bit of a scam, yes some semi permanent paint protection is excellent but expect no more than two years tops. A properly maintained car will look better in 5 years than a car with paint protection.

Also, warranties offered by them would only be valid if the car was parked in storage, read the fine print . This is not a deterrent and if you want paint protection then by all means get it but I have yet to see a car that looks great in 10 years with paint protection.

Fabric protection is excellent and we do offer it.

Rims with heavy break pad dust issues also need some form of protection against pitting and we do this also.

Is Polished Detail insured?

Yes we are a registered business and insured with Youi Business insurance , we can produce proof on request.

What if I am not happy with your work?

We always get you the owner to  inspect the vehicle prior to handing the vehicle back to you or Polished Detail will send photos and will fix any issues immediately.

What is Paint correction?

This is our three stage approach to the car detailing cycle (two potentially depending on the levels of paint defects).

Initially Polished Detail will use a heavy polish and cutting pad to remove heavily defected paint only if the clear coat is in good condition.

Secondly move to a finer medium grade polish and pad

Thirdly to a fine polish and finishing pad for the ultimate car beautification

Then lock it in with Jetseal 109 to protect the finish.

What car care Products do you use?

Polished Detail loves the chemical guys products and almost exclusively use them and we also recommend Menzerna products.

If you have a brand you would prefer we respect that and we will certainly use that brand on your vehicle. Please contact us for this option

I have massive brake dust issues can you help?

Absolutely we can and if you are running brembos or any high performance pads we have a solution with semi permanent protection especially designed for this purpose.

We completely clean you wheel with an iron remover product, then clay and seal. You can do the face or full wheel. This service is Price on Application and well worth it

We do not carry the stock on hand and need to order it so please contact us 

If you have any further questions about our services, please contact Polished Detail 7 days a week day time hours only please and I will do my very best to answer them.