Toyota Correction and Detail

It has been a while so I thought i would catch up on a corolla that was corrected and had a full interior detail completed by us at Poilshed Detail in the Cessnock area.

The clients car had been damaged by Bat Poop while on holidays and we were tasked with the job of removing those marks left behind in the clear coat.Unfortunately with the extreme heat we have been experiencing this summer if any marks are left unattended  will basically mark the car so all my potentially readers please be aware. 

It is recommend at minimum polish your car yearly to help protect from this type of damage.

I completed a two stage correction on the Corolla and the photos speak for themselves

As you can see the car has come up incredible and those pesky little Poop stains are gone, the whole paint correction process took 6 hours for this small vehicle so you understand the time that goes into achieving these results.

The side doors had 3 horizontal scratches from what i am guessing was a shopping trolley and these were also removed.

If you have any marks, scratches that you would like removed please call Polished Detail on 0478928857 and we can discuss what your requirements and also expectations are. We service Newcastle, maitland and the Cessnock area for all your car detailing and paint correction needs.

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Polished Detail Newcastle has been busy

Polished Detail Newcastle has been very busy with the start of the week being weather affected which made the rest of the week hectic.

We have detailed cars from Merewether , Lambton, Lakelands, Ashtonfield and Mayfield all yielding great results for our clients cars.

Polished Detail Newcastle Job of the week

A received a call from a client how had received damaged on the side of here car and was desperate to clean the side up of the car. The process was really simple and I corrected the drivers side using a 3 stage paint correction to remove all the scratches that had not damaged the clear coat to deeply or completely penetrated it.

The question that needs to be considered here for any car detailer  is how hard do you go and caution is always the best side to travel down in process like this.

The clear coat is so important and integral part of the paint protection system so you need to protect this coating at all costs, which simply means do not remove it.

Anyway the car came up really well considering the damage that was on it and the pictures speak for themselves.

Quality Paint Correction Newcastle

Great result for Polished Detail NewcastleGreat result on a tight budgetMobile car detailing and paint correction






Obviously there is still work to be done on the vehicle for Polished detail we left a client very happy with our work and a car that looks a whole lot better.

The Rest of the week was for clients looking for pre- sale car detailing in the Newcastle and surrounding suburbs.

This is obviously our most popular service and we are competitive priced, we are not the cheapest car detailing service nor are we the most expensive. We need to make a living to and our service offers great bang for your buck and a very slick mirror finish to your vehicle.

Here is Polished Detail Newcastle cars for the week

Mobile Car Detailing East MAitland Newcastle Company Vehicle car DetailingMobile Car Interior Cleaning NewcastleNewcastle car interior carpet CleaningInterior car detail looks a treatMobile Car Detailing Merewether






I would like to thank our clients who used Polished detail Newcastle


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Quality Mobile Car detailing

I have been busy over the last few weeks and have had some very good questions asked by some of my clients about car detailing and what makes us stand out from the supermarket services offered today.

First of all is absolute quality and attention to detail, car detailing is a about being a perfectionist and taking your time from start to finish. Many people do not see the value in a full detail until they see the effort that is put into the car, on average a full detail will take 5 hours not 1 like at the shopping centres.

Car  Detailing the Exterior

Car detailing Newcastle areaPreparation is everything when it comes to starting an exterior detail and clay should be used after the vehicle has been washed to remove the bonded contaminates, this gives you the basis of a high quality smooth finish. Clay is magic and even if the car has been washed you can see the dirt coming of in the lube especially on white vehicles.

The surface then needs to be washed again to remove the lube so you can then begin polishing the vehicle. This is where experience is required to see the level of work required to do the job and the car detailer needs to ask himself

  • Is paint correction needed which in most cases two stages are required starting with a heavier polishing to removing heavy scratches , heavy oxidisation and deeper swirl marks.
  • Then the next Phase is finishing with a fine polish to enhance the gloss and again reduce marks caused by the heavy cut used in step one.
  • Then a sealant or wax needs to be applied, firstly though oil wax residue and oil needs to be removed to ensure the sealant bonds correctly.
  • Rims are polished and tyres are painted

Car  detailing the Interior

Mobile car detailing MaitlandCar interiors see all kinds of abuse just like the exterior with the added mess of food scrapes, yes McDonald chips are found in almost every vehicle I detail anyway. So here are Polish detail steps for detailing the interior

  • Dust the vehicle with a detailing brush to remove all the build up from seat tracks , vents and anywhere else the vacuum does not reach.
  • Use a safe cleaner to then wipe down the dash and all other hard surface areas to ensure they are clean ready for dressing
  • Apply the dressing to all areas except the steering wheel, this keeps the steering wheel from becoming slippery which makes it dangerous for the driver.
  • Carpets and seats are then sprayed with carpet cleaner and scrubbed with a brush to loosen all the dirt from the piles ready for wet extraction
  • Wet extract all the dirt from the carpets and seats and spray deoderiser
  • Leather seats and trim are sprayed with Leather Cleaner and scrubbed with a soft brush to ensure the best clean
  • Then the leather is conditioned.
  • Windows are cleaned with ammonia free cleaner so it is totally tint safe.
  • The boot is treated exactly the same as above

Car detailing is a process and each car varies and each client has different requirements for the vehicle, if the process above is followed you will have a great polish with a deep gloss and a super clean interior.

Polished Detail is a mobile car detail service that Covers Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Singleton  and Port Stephens area. If you would like a quote or have any question please contact Darren today





Car Detailing is a Skill

Car Detailing Done Correctly

Lately I have had a run of detailing white cars, from Toyota’s ,Jeeps, Holden’s and Mitsubishi’s and personally I  find them the most difficult car for Detailing. It is not that white cars are any different but white cars hide so much of your polish residue. Car detailing is about patience not speed.

Now this is very important as wax residue especially when adding a seal to the paintwork, it has to be gone. I will explain later!

White car detailing

When doing any detailing work prep work is so important and it begins from the start at the washing phase of the vehicle. First be certain you buy the slickest car wash you can find and trust me some of the big brands you find at your local retailer just really do not cut it.

The slicker the car wash the less chance of scratching your paintwork.

The clay bar is so important and a step that is missed, you can clean a car and think that it is spotless until you use clay to decontaminate the car. You will see the contaminates in the clay lube when you are working the clay on the panel.

Polishing is important and you need to ask your self

  1. Do I have to be aggressive on the car or just a fine polish with minimal cut?
  2. Maybe an all in one sealant might do?
  3. If you are using an orbital which pad do I use?
  4. Is your polish well lubricated, once again some brands are just not. So be careful here
  5. How many passes are required to achieve the finish you want?
  6. Does the car have any new nano coatings such as ceramic pro, if so usually two passes are required cause the surface is so hard to achieve any kind of scratch removal

Then the sealant which is the best and what to expect and be realistic here.

There are so many sealants around these days from nano 9h coatings, traditional wax and synthetic based sealant.

My preference is the synthetic based sealants and my reasoning is simple you can maintain your paintwork easier. if you get a chip and your coating is damaged just re-apply it.Most of these have a durability of 6 to 12 months depending on how well you maintain your vehicle between applications.

With Glass coatings they are expensive and the lifetime warranties are to be honest not on your side here. I would suggest to anyone purchasing these systems read your product warranty. I have nothing against these paint protection systems and suit most people but please keep your expectations realistic for the long term.

Tradition waxes are great they just do not have the longevity.

Now once you have decided between the sealant your prep work needs to be flawless for the best results and maximum life, you need to absolutely get rid of all the wax residue to allow correct bonding to the painted surface.

If you have any questions about which car detailing products to use please do not hesitate to call me. Check out some of our car detailing work here

If you would like polished detail to come to you and do a car detail for you then we cover areas from Newcastle to Singleton and everywhere in between.


TT I sle a man in an Impreza

This is Just awesome, I love cars and not just Polishing them.


Wow forget about car detailing this video is all about speed, you have to admire the skill of these drivers.

I like to watch his heart rate considering the edge he is on it is quite calm.

Great watch for anyone who loves a fast car in a tight track like the Isle of man.







Polished Detail Newcastle loves nice shine

Polished Detail Newcastle

Polished detail Newcastle received a phone call to do a Holden combo as the owner needed to sell the vehicle. Being a work vehicle it was a long task to get the paint back to a good condition and Micheal was very happy with my work so I was asked to do an Exterior detail on his pride and joy A Mercedes Benz AMG.

The car was black which as everyone knows black car need to be handled with absolute care as the smallest mistake becomes a nightmare of swirls and scratches. This car had Lows kilometres thought the paint was in good condition is was a victim of the swirling and scratches.

The Car Detailing Process

Polished Detail NewcastleWash The car first using the two bucket method. I do this to ensure that I have removed as much dirt and tar prior to claying so I get the best possible surface to work with when claying the vehicle.

Clean the wheels and tyres

Degrease the engine bay

Clay the car, for people who have never used clay on their vehicle it provides a smooth glass like surface. Clay is a must for any complete exterior detail as it removes the bonded contaminates from the paint left behind by tar, bird dropping and tree sap.

Wash the car again using new water and dry just to make certain I did not leave and clay residue or clay lube on the surface.

I then tape up all the trim areas to reduce the risk of polish stains on them, this is important and should not be over looked as it saves time in the end.

Apply a fine 4000 polish to the random orbital Pad, just 5 to 6 small dots then I tap the area to put a some polish on the surface I am going to start with. This is just a lube technique which is important if the polish has poor lubrication properties. I use menzerna which is awesome though I still use this technique anyway.

I do small areas at a time working the polish at a slow speed first to ensure excellent coverage and also to reduce splatter.

Best Mobile Car detailing Newcastle

As you can see from the images the car turned out excellent and Micheal was very happy with the car and so was I. At polished Detail Newcastle I aim to do the absolute best job possible and stand my work and being a perfectionist I naturally have a high standard.

Please Call Darren at Polished Detail Newcastle and discuss our services.




Car Detailing Maitland Insured and Mobile

Car Detailing Maitland

Polished detailing is the newest car detailing Maitland service that comes to you whether it be a simple exterior wash or or a complete car detail. We work out of Maitland so to keep it local we are here to deliver the best value service we can .

We also travel to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley though Maitland is our home so therefore we wish to provide a small discount to our service due to decreased travel time.

Forget the Greenhills Sparkle Car Wash where volume is the key, I take pride in my work and will not be happy to your car is perfect.

I come to you home or your place of work and wash your vehicle their for your utmost convenience and if you are getting a full detail I will drop you of and pick you up from Greenhills so you can enjoy the day shopping.

Polished car detailing is excellentMobile Car Detailing Maitland

Never tried mobile car detailing then you really need to understand what our service is about, not just the convenience side of our business.

  • Quality Products- this is a must we only use PH neutral products and high quality polishes. We use chemical Guys and Menzerna products as they are the best in both finish and ease of use.
  • I am a Perfectionist so I will not leave till you are happy with the car. Customer service is paramount which is were we differ from high volume car washing services.
  • Locally owned and run, Polished Detailing is locally owned and run, so when your car is being cleaned you are dealing with the owner as well.
  • I can drop you of at the shops or fro a coffee if you are having a full detail service
  • 20 years of experience in keeping cars immaculate
  • Insured so you can be confident in our range of services and the quality of our detailing products we use

As you can see I will treat your car as though it is mine so rest assured I will deliver and leave your car in fantastic condition, and from you as our valued customer we only require water and electricity to run our high pressure cleaner.

Shade or a covered area would be ideal especially for a full detail service, if not you can drop the car of at my place and I will run you back home and come and get you once I believe the car is done.

Due to the less travel time if you are only looking for a simple exterior wash only I will the Maitland area for $35 for small and medium sized vehicles and will require the car for approximately an hour.

So call Polished detail now for you local Car Detailing Maitland service


Mobile Car Detailing Newcastle

Mobile Car Detailing Newcastle

I am Darren and I run small business which involves Mobile car Detailing Newcastle and the hunter valley areas. My website does not show and slick Ferraris or Lamborghini’s even though I would love the chance to detail on the vehicles( your car will absolutely be treated like one anyway), my website is around the Mums, Dads , Grandparents who like there car to look perfect and unfortunately do not have the time to wash their car.

As I am a new business I wish I  had a portfolio of 100’s of cars to show how great a job a do, I  do not so I would like to start with my personal vehicle which is a 2004 VY SS Commodore which I have owned from new and currently has 255 000 KM’s on the clock. My description of this car is possibly one of the neatest family vehicles in this model around, I have  two children so it has taken a beating from scooters, door dints and a Kangaroo.

Car detailing Process

Well I did try car paint protection from new and this was such a waste of time, special car wash and to be honest after 3 months the paintwork was lacking that smooth feeling, beeding was all but non existent and even though I washed it weekly using the correct car wash it absolutely average at best. After owning two cars before hand one turbocharged VC commodore( a wild ride that is for sure) and a Corolla to slow me down I absolutely new I could do better and I have for the last 12 years of this cars life it is fantastic.

Polished car detailing is excellent

Mobile Car detailing Newcastle

Polisded Detail Newcastle mobile car detailing

Mobile car detailing Newcastle










The process for me is simple and I have been doing it with all my vehicles since I was old enough to drive, use the best quality products that work and are not necessarily the big brands you see in repco or supercheap auto. I love the chemical guys and Menzerna these products are excellent and easy to apply with results that are spectacular and if given the chance your vehicle will be given the same treatment.

  • Wash car with high pressure using, this removes dust,dirt and any other contaminants that can scratch your vehicle while hand washing.
  • Dead bug removal, this speaks for itself must be removed
  • Wheels cleaned, brake dust removed, some brake pads on the market today are terrible for their dust. My pads are high in this category unfortunately, they do stop well
  • Chemicals Suds, I love these suds and leaves a nice slick feeling while safe on any paintwork( I use the two bucket method) and wash from the top down. This is not heavy duty cleaner that will damage any paint protection you already have
  • Dry the vehicle before it dries on you. This is an important step and why if possible shade, carport or garage will deliver the best results every time( dry from the top down as well)
  • Clean the door Jambs , petrol cap with our cleaner and also run over the wheels as well.
  • Use a gel coat on the tyres using my method so their is no flinging or slinging over the car when it is driven for the first time.
  • Give the dash a wipe over, clean the front windscreen and polish it if need be( usually about every tow to three months). Yes I polish windscreens, the wiper works 100% better when you need it and makes maintaining them easier

Obviously this is a basic weekly wash for me and I only give my vehicle a very light polish once a year and twice a year I use a synthetic paint protection sealant to help protect the vehicle from all the damaging stuff like bird Droppings which need to be removed a s soon as possible, sap stains and all the other little nasties that attack your paintwork.

Check out our services and what each package includes Package and Prices Here . Polished detail can accommodate your vehicle any time and anywhere, we are your first choice mobile car detailing Newcastle service

Yes we are  a new company but I assure you your car is in great hands and it will be treated like an exotic sports car that gets driven maybe 2000 km’s a year . Polished detail is an option you should consider for your mobile car detailing Newcastle or the hunter valley.