Car Detailing is a Skill

Car Detailing Done Correctly

Lately I have had a run of detailing white cars, from Toyota’s ,Jeeps, Holden’s and Mitsubishi’s and personally I  find them the most difficult car for Detailing. It is not that white cars are any different but white cars hide so much of your polish residue. Car detailing is about patience not speed.

Now this is very important as wax residue especially when adding a seal to the paintwork, it has to be gone. I will explain later!

White car detailing

When doing any detailing work prep work is so important and it begins from the start at the washing phase of the vehicle. First be certain you buy the slickest car wash you can find and trust me some of the big brands you find at your local retailer just really do not cut it.

The slicker the car wash the less chance of scratching your paintwork.

The clay bar is so important and a step that is missed, you can clean a car and think that it is spotless until you use clay to decontaminate the car. You will see the contaminates in the clay lube when you are working the clay on the panel.

Polishing is important and you need to ask your self

  1. Do I have to be aggressive on the car or just a fine polish with minimal cut?
  2. Maybe an all in one sealant might do?
  3. If you are using an orbital which pad do I use?
  4. Is your polish well lubricated, once again some brands are just not. So be careful here
  5. How many passes are required to achieve the finish you want?
  6. Does the car have any new nano coatings such as ceramic pro, if so usually two passes are required cause the surface is so hard to achieve any kind of scratch removal

Then the sealant which is the best and what to expect and be realistic here.

There are so many sealants around these days from nano 9h coatings, traditional wax and synthetic based sealant.

My preference is the synthetic based sealants and my reasoning is simple you can maintain your paintwork easier. if you get a chip and your coating is damaged just re-apply it.Most of these have a durability of 6 to 12 months depending on how well you maintain your vehicle between applications.

With Glass coatings they are expensive and the lifetime warranties are to be honest not on your side here. I would suggest to anyone purchasing these systems read your product warranty. I have nothing against these paint protection systems and suit most people but please keep your expectations realistic for the long term.

Tradition waxes are great they just do not have the longevity.

Now once you have decided between the sealant your prep work needs to be flawless for the best results and maximum life, you need to absolutely get rid of all the wax residue to allow correct bonding to the painted surface.

If you have any questions about which car detailing products to use please do not hesitate to call me. Check out some of our car detailing work here

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