Mobile Car Detailing Newcastle

Mobile Car Detailing Newcastle

I am Darren and I run small business which involves Mobile car Detailing Newcastle and the hunter valley areas. My website does not show and slick Ferraris or Lamborghini’s even though I would love the chance to detail on the vehicles( your car will absolutely be treated like one anyway), my website is around the Mums, Dads , Grandparents who like there car to look perfect and unfortunately do not have the time to wash their car.

As I am a new business I wish I  had a portfolio of 100’s of cars to show how great a job a do, I  do not so I would like to start with my personal vehicle which is a 2004 VY SS Commodore which I have owned from new and currently has 255 000 KM’s on the clock. My description of this car is possibly one of the neatest family vehicles in this model around, I have  two children so it has taken a beating from scooters, door dints and a Kangaroo.

Car detailing Process

Well I did try car paint protection from new and this was such a waste of time, special car wash and to be honest after 3 months the paintwork was lacking that smooth feeling, beeding was all but non existent and even though I washed it weekly using the correct car wash it absolutely average at best. After owning two cars before hand one turbocharged VC commodore( a wild ride that is for sure) and a Corolla to slow me down I absolutely new I could do better and I have for the last 12 years of this cars life it is fantastic.

Polished car detailing is excellent

Mobile Car detailing Newcastle

Polisded Detail Newcastle mobile car detailing

Mobile car detailing Newcastle










The process for me is simple and I have been doing it with all my vehicles since I was old enough to drive, use the best quality products that work and are not necessarily the big brands you see in repco or supercheap auto. I love the chemical guys and Menzerna these products are excellent and easy to apply with results that are spectacular and if given the chance your vehicle will be given the same treatment.

  • Wash car with high pressure using, this removes dust,dirt and any other contaminants that can scratch your vehicle while hand washing.
  • Dead bug removal, this speaks for itself must be removed
  • Wheels cleaned, brake dust removed, some brake pads on the market today are terrible for their dust. My pads are high in this category unfortunately, they do stop well
  • Chemicals Suds, I love these suds and leaves a nice slick feeling while safe on any paintwork( I use the two bucket method) and wash from the top down. This is not heavy duty cleaner that will damage any paint protection you already have
  • Dry the vehicle before it dries on you. This is an important step and why if possible shade, carport or garage will deliver the best results every time( dry from the top down as well)
  • Clean the door Jambs , petrol cap with our cleaner and also run over the wheels as well.
  • Use a gel coat on the tyres using my method so their is no flinging or slinging over the car when it is driven for the first time.
  • Give the dash a wipe over, clean the front windscreen and polish it if need be( usually about every tow to three months). Yes I polish windscreens, the wiper works 100% better when you need it and makes maintaining them easier

Obviously this is a basic weekly wash for me and I only give my vehicle a very light polish once a year and twice a year I use a synthetic paint protection sealant to help protect the vehicle from all the damaging stuff like bird Droppings which need to be removed a s soon as possible, sap stains and all the other little nasties that attack your paintwork.

Check out our services and what each package includes Package and Prices Here . Polished detail can accommodate your vehicle any time and anywhere, we are your first choice mobile car detailing Newcastle service

Yes we are  a new company but I assure you your car is in great hands and it will be treated like an exotic sports car that gets driven maybe 2000 km’s a year . Polished detail is an option you should consider for your mobile car detailing Newcastle or the hunter valley.