Car Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Car Leather Cleaning

Polished detail offers quality car leather cleaning and conditioning to you interior of your car.

We only use the highest quality products to give that leather a new lease on life and prevent cracking in the future.

Why car leather seats crack?

The interior layer of the leather is a bunch of omni-directional fibres. These fibres hold residual oil and moisture and over time, this residual oil and moisture evaporates through the pores of the leather. As the leather loses moisture, it begins to shrink and stiffen.This leaves a very tiny gap between the leather and the color coating on top of it. The color coating is no longer supported by the hide. Without proper support, it starts to crack. The cracking you see on your seats starts in the color coating. Without treatment, the cracks can become severe enough to affect the hide

Now to prevent this from happening like any thing it actually requires maintenance and Polished detail can be called upon to do this

Step one the leather is cleaned using a boutique leather cleaner and spot treatment applied to areas to help remove marks.

Step two is steam clean the leather to remove surface dirt as well, and the use steam  actually disinfects the surface to get rid of any nasty germs.

Step three is to apply a quality leather conditioner to the surface to provide protection and a nice soft sweet shine.

Car leather cleaning from polished detail is awesome

From $60.00

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