Polished Detail Newcastle has been busy

Polished Detail Newcastle has been very busy with the start of the week being weather affected which made the rest of the week hectic.

We have detailed cars from Merewether , Lambton, Lakelands, Ashtonfield and Mayfield all yielding great results for our clients cars.

Polished Detail Newcastle Job of the week

A received a call from a client how had received damaged on the side of here car and was desperate to clean the side up of the car. The process was really simple and I corrected the drivers side using a 3 stage paint correction to remove all the scratches that had not damaged the clear coat to deeply or completely penetrated it.

The question that needs to be considered here for any car detailer  is how hard do you go and caution is always the best side to travel down in process like this.

The clear coat is so important and integral part of the paint protection system so you need to protect this coating at all costs, which simply means do not remove it.

Anyway the car came up really well considering the damage that was on it and the pictures speak for themselves.

Quality Paint Correction Newcastle

Great result for Polished Detail NewcastleGreat result on a tight budgetMobile car detailing and paint correction






Obviously there is still work to be done on the vehicle for Polished detail we left a client very happy with our work and a car that looks a whole lot better.

The Rest of the week was for clients looking for pre- sale car detailing in the Newcastle and surrounding suburbs.

This is obviously our most popular service and we are competitive priced, we are not the cheapest car detailing service nor are we the most expensive. We need to make a living to and our service offers great bang for your buck and a very slick mirror finish to your vehicle.

Here is Polished Detail Newcastle cars for the week

Mobile Car Detailing East MAitland Newcastle Company Vehicle car DetailingMobile Car Interior Cleaning NewcastleNewcastle car interior carpet CleaningInterior car detail looks a treatMobile Car Detailing Merewether






I would like to thank our clients who used Polished detail Newcastle


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