Quality Mobile Car detailing

I have been busy over the last few weeks and have had some very good questions asked by some of my clients about car detailing and what makes us stand out from the supermarket services offered today.

First of all is absolute quality and attention to detail, car detailing is a about being a perfectionist and taking your time from start to finish. Many people do not see the value in a full detail until they see the effort that is put into the car, on average a full detail will take 5 hours not 1 like at the shopping centres.

Car  Detailing the Exterior

Car detailing Newcastle areaPreparation is everything when it comes to starting an exterior detail and clay should be used after the vehicle has been washed to remove the bonded contaminates, this gives you the basis of a high quality smooth finish. Clay is magic and even if the car has been washed you can see the dirt coming of in the lube especially on white vehicles.

The surface then needs to be washed again to remove the lube so you can then begin polishing the vehicle. This is where experience is required to see the level of work required to do the job and the car detailer needs to ask himself

  • Is paint correction needed which in most cases two stages are required starting with a heavier polishing to removing heavy scratches , heavy oxidisation and deeper swirl marks.
  • Then the next Phase is finishing with a fine polish to enhance the gloss and again reduce marks caused by the heavy cut used in step one.
  • Then a sealant or wax needs to be applied, firstly though oil wax residue and oil needs to be removed to ensure the sealant bonds correctly.
  • Rims are polished and tyres are painted

Car  detailing the Interior

Mobile car detailing MaitlandCar interiors see all kinds of abuse just like the exterior with the added mess of food scrapes, yes McDonald chips are found in almost every vehicle I detail anyway. So here are Polish detail steps for detailing the interior

  • Dust the vehicle with a detailing brush to remove all the build up from seat tracks , vents and anywhere else the vacuum does not reach.
  • Use a safe cleaner to then wipe down the dash and all other hard surface areas to ensure they are clean ready for dressing
  • Apply the dressing to all areas except the steering wheel, this keeps the steering wheel from becoming slippery which makes it dangerous for the driver.
  • Carpets and seats are then sprayed with carpet cleaner and scrubbed with a brush to loosen all the dirt from the piles ready for wet extraction
  • Wet extract all the dirt from the carpets and seats and spray deoderiser
  • Leather seats and trim are sprayed with Leather Cleaner and scrubbed with a soft brush to ensure the best clean
  • Then the leather is conditioned.
  • Windows are cleaned with ammonia free cleaner so it is totally tint safe.
  • The boot is treated exactly the same as above

Car detailing is a process and each car varies and each client has different requirements for the vehicle, if the process above is followed you will have a great polish with a deep gloss and a super clean interior.

Polished Detail is a mobile car detail service that Covers Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Singleton  and Port Stephens area. If you would like a quote or have any question please contact Darren today