Toyota Correction and Detail

It has been a while so I thought i would catch up on a corolla that was corrected and had a full interior detail completed by us at Poilshed Detail in the Cessnock area.

The clients car had been damaged by Bat Poop while on holidays and we were tasked with the job of removing those marks left behind in the clear coat.Unfortunately with the extreme heat we have been experiencing this summer if any marks are left unattended  will basically mark the car so all my potentially readers please be aware. 

It is recommend at minimum polish your car yearly to help protect from this type of damage.

I completed a two stage correction on the Corolla and the photos speak for themselves

As you can see the car has come up incredible and those pesky little Poop stains are gone, the whole paint correction process took 6 hours for this small vehicle so you understand the time that goes into achieving these results.

The side doors had 3 horizontal scratches from what i am guessing was a shopping trolley and these were also removed.

If you have any marks, scratches that you would like removed please call Polished Detail on 0478928857 and we can discuss what your requirements and also expectations are. We service Newcastle, maitland and the Cessnock area for all your car detailing and paint correction needs.

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