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Polished Detail Newcastle

Polished detail Newcastle received a phone call to do a Holden combo as the owner needed to sell the vehicle. Being a work vehicle it was a long task to get the paint back to a good condition and Micheal was very happy with my work so I was asked to do an Exterior detail on his pride and joy A Mercedes Benz AMG.

The car was black which as everyone knows black car need to be handled with absolute care as the smallest mistake becomes a nightmare of swirls and scratches. This car had Lows kilometres thought the paint was in good condition is was a victim of the swirling and scratches.

The Car Detailing Process

Polished Detail NewcastleWash The car first using the two bucket method. I do this to ensure that I have removed as much dirt and tar prior to claying so I get the best possible surface to work with when claying the vehicle.

Clean the wheels and tyres

Degrease the engine bay

Clay the car, for people who have never used clay on their vehicle it provides a smooth glass like surface. Clay is a must for any complete exterior detail as it removes the bonded contaminates from the paint left behind by tar, bird dropping and tree sap.

Wash the car again using new water and dry just to make certain I did not leave and clay residue or clay lube on the surface.

I then tape up all the trim areas to reduce the risk of polish stains on them, this is important and should not be over looked as it saves time in the end.

Apply a fine 4000 polish to the random orbital Pad, just 5 to 6 small dots then I tap the area to put a some polish on the surface I am going to start with. This is just a lube technique which is important if the polish has poor lubrication properties. I use menzerna which is awesome though I still use this technique anyway.

I do small areas at a time working the polish at a slow speed first to ensure excellent coverage and also to reduce splatter.

Best Mobile Car detailing Newcastle

As you can see from the images the car turned out excellent and Micheal was very happy with the car and so was I. At polished Detail Newcastle I aim to do the absolute best job possible and stand my work and being a perfectionist I naturally have a high standard.

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